5 Benefits of Van Protection Systems

Explore the benefits of Penda’s VanGuard products for both your cargo and your drivers.

When consumers hear the words, “interior vehicle protection”, they may think of products like floor mats, seat covers, or sunshades. But what about van protection systems? With VanGuard’s suite of interior van protection solutions, your vans will be protected against the common wear and tear that exists in today’s transit workforce.

VanGuard is a system of wall liners, floor liners, ceiling liners, wheelhouse covers, and door panels that provide commercial grade protection against dents, scratches, gouges, and spills.  All of these components provide protection through the strong, high density, polyethylene material used in their construction. This material not only adds durability and strength, but also provides your cargo and drivers with many more benefits during transit.

Ease of Installation

Before you can take advantage of the many benefits VanGuard provides, you’ll need to consider installation. The good news is, installation has never been easier to do than it is with VanGuard. Modifications aren’t needed to adjust for each van type as these solutions were built for ease of installation. Additionally, all the components in the VanGuard van protection system are removable too. This allows you to run wiring or perform future customization as needed. By being removable, you can also reuse them as you upgrade your fleet and reinstalling them will be just as simple as the first time!

Quiet Drives

One of the biggest benefits that your transit workforce will notice is how quiet their trips are with VanGuard Wall Liners. Through state-of-the-art measuring and CAD systems, these panels are precision molded to fit all types of van and transit wall panels. They work to reduce road noise throughout the entire drive by providing a sound dampening effect for  your vehicle. Plus, the tight fit of these panels allows them to avoid rattling or squeaking after installation, no matter how bumpy the road gets.

Added Comfort

Reduced road noise isn’t the only way that VanGuard adds comfort to the drive. The van protection solution also provides climate control and acts as an insulator. This means, your fleet will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The light gray coloring of the components further adds to the temperature control and creates a comfortable aesthetic for the driver.

Clean & Safe Experience

VanGuard floor liners are designed with anti-slip attributes to increase driver safety. Whether you’re loading up for a big job, or unloading at the end of the day, VanGuard won’t let you slip and slide while moving around. For cleaning the interior of your vehicle, VanGuard has you covered there too. The removable floor panels allow for effortless power washing and reassembly once they dry.

Protected Resale Value

The final benefit that the VanGuard system provides is an increased resale value on the vans they’re used in. This is made possible because of the commercial grade protection they offer against dents, scratches, gouges, scrapes, and spills. By offering maximum protection from these damages, the resale value of your van remains intact for years. And if you’ve contracted out your work vans, you can avoid end-of-contract charges for excessive damage and wear.

VanGuard van protection systems are the ultimate interior vehicle protection solution. The protection they give is just one of many benefits they provide. Along with simple installation, silent drives, increased comfort, a sanitary and safe experience, and increased resale value your drivers will be happy to spend as much time as you need in their transit vehicle. To see which VanGuard models work for your fleet, use the fit my van feature on our website or find a retailer near you to help you get started!


Advantages of Wheel Well Liners

Finish off your truck with polished, heavy-duty Wheel Well Liners.

Certain truck accessories not only polish the look of your truck, but they also enhance the performance and increase the longevity of your vehicle. One of these smart and stylish accessories are Penda’s Wheel Well Liners. While giving your truck a more finished look, our Wheel Well Liner products also prevent damage, dampen sound, and are easy to clean.

Wheel Well Liners enhance any truck’s appearance with a more polished look. Each wheel well liner we make is carefully formed to give it a precision fit during installation. Their sleek, low profile design gives any bare wheel well a more refined and modern look. The liners are custom molded to the contours of the wheel wells, so they look great while they protect.

Improved Performance

As one of North America’s largest thermoformed plastics manufacturers, Penda’s products are all designed to do more than just improve appearance. Wheel Well liners also prevent damage by being built for protection from both on and off-road debris like rocks, dirt, salt, tar, and in colder climates, snow and slush. The heavy-duty HDPE construction creates a sturdy barrier between your vehicle and damaging materials from the road. This can add years to your vehicle’s lifetime by preventing rusting, damaged material, and more.

Wheel Well Liners also create a barrier between you and the road which helps reduce noise from driving with the added sound dampening they provide. This means you won’t be able to feel the small stones and debris hitting the wheel wells instead of the bare metal of your truck. Constructed with rugged, recyclable, high-density polyethylene for excellent impact resistance makes these liners the perfect accessory for your off-road ready truck.

The added benefit to all of this? They are easy to clean. Penda’s Wheel Well Liners allow you to clean out mud, dirt, snow, salt, slush, and tar quickly and easily all while protecting the metal of your vehicle. Our liners are easy to keep clean and make sure that those erosive materials don’t come in contact with your truck’s frame.

Wheel Well Liner Installation

With easy, no drill installation our Wheel Well Liners only add value to your truck! So take the time to finish your vehicle off with Wheel Well Liners that add a polished look, heavy-duty durability, and easy-to-clean surfaces. To grab the best accessories for your truck, contact our sales team and learn more about Penda Wheel Well Liners to keep the debris out.

How Drop-In Bedliners Compare to Spray-On Coatings

When you dive into the world of pickup trucks, you often hear about two main types of truck bed protection: drop-in bedliners and spray-on coatings. While both of these solutions serve the purpose of protecting your truck bed, they’re very different in how they’re installed, their benefits, and the quality of protection they provide. Finding the right facts to compare the differences between the two can be a headache. There is a lot of information circulating around the internet that is incorrect and based on unproven claims.

In an effort to help you sift through all of that information, we’re here to support you with this guide comparing our drop-in bedliners to spray-on coatings. No matter what type of protection you decide to purchase, we hope this article helps dismiss the different myths that exist in the bed protection industry.

Comparing the Drop-In and Spray-On Bedliner Installation

Drop-in Bedliner Installation Process

Drop-in bedliners are designed to be easily installed in the bed of your truck. The do-it-yourself process makes it quick and straightforward once you receive your bedliner. And if you ever decide to sell your truck, or you just want to remove the bedliner, the process is as effortless as installation. The only roadblocks that occur while installing a drop-in bedliner come from not purchasing the correct one to fit your truck. Some manufacturers even produce bedliners that require little-to-no tools as part of the installation process.

Our Duraliner truck bedliners are a great example of how simple it is to install a drop-in bedliner. Check out our quick 3-minute video below to see just how easy it is.

Spray-on Coating Application

If you choose to go with the spray-on route, you’ll find that the process of adding protection is much different.

With spray-on coatings, application must be done professionally to ensure that the truck bed receives an even coating of paint. This professional application not only adds to the cost, but it also means that the quality of the application can vary depending on who you choose to perform it.

Once it’s in the shop, spray-on coatings require the truck bed to be damaged before application. This is done by grinding or sanding the bed of your truck to reveal an unprotected metal layer. Stripping the surface down to this layer allows the spray-on coating to adequately adhere to the truck bed. By doing this, you void the corrosion warranty for any parts of your truck that receive the spray-on coating. Plus, removing the coating after it is applied is nearly impossible to do without further damage to your truck.

Comparing the Quality of Protection of a Drop-In and Spray On Truck Bedliner

Next, we’ll go on to discuss the level of protection and benefits that our drop-in bedliners provide compared to the spray-on coating alternative.

Dent and Scratch Protection

One of the most important parts of your truck bed protection is how it much it will prevent dents and scratches. Both drop-in bedliners and spray-on coatings provide protection against dents and scratches, but the level at which they do so is different.

Our drop-in bedliners offer superior protection from dents and scratches with their unique rib design. Since the drop-in bedliner acts as durable buffer between the bed of your truck and the cargo in it, dents and scrapes are a thing of the past. With the amount of protection that our drop-in bedliners provide, the useful life and value of your truck is increased significantly.

The level of protection against dents and scratches that spray-on coatings provide is much less. Because the spray-on coating paint is directly adhered to your truck bed, any dents that occur will most certainly get through to the bed of your truck. Scratches in the coating can occur and will reveal an unprotected truck bed surface. In addition to this, spray-on coatings are typically much more abrasive and can cause scratches to cargo that sits in your truck.

Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is another important thing to consider when deciding on what type of truck bed protection you want to go with. With our brand of drop-in truck bedliners, you will experience twice the slip resistance compared to other drop-ins or spray-on coatings. This is thanks to our unique TruGrip™ technology which utilizes a unique plastic formulation to increase surface friction in the bed. More surface friction leads to less cargo sliding around which decreases the amount of dents that occur to the bed.

Spray-on coatings also offer some level of slip resistance for cargo, but it is much less than drop-in bedliners. Once it is applied, the finished coating dries into a hard and abrasive-like material. While the abrasion acts as a sort of slip resistance for cargo, the hardness of the material makes it easier for things to slide around in your truck.

Other Benefits of a Drop-In Bedliner

There are many other benefits that come with selecting one of our brands of drop-in bedliners which include: spill-cleanup, shock absorption, and a cost-advantage.

When it comes to spill clean-up, our patented bedliner surface allows you to easily rinse off the liner without water getting trapped under the bedliner. Our truck bedliners are designed to always drain away from the bed which makes it easy to clean gasoline, oils, chemicals, and other spills that can occur.

Another added benefit of our drop-in bedliners is the shock absorption they provide. Our bedliner shock absorbing technology is 7X better than any spray-on coatings available. This is because of the thick and durable plastic material that is used to create them. Meanwhile, spray-on coatings are directly adhered to your truck bed and therefore cannot provide shock absorption.

The final benefit that our bedliners provide is a cost-advantage that makes them one of the most affordable solutions for truck bed protection. Since drop-in bedliners can be installed at home, there isn’t the added labor costs that comes with the professional installation required for spray-on coatings. The ability to remove a drop-in bedliner also helps with costs, as they can easily be resold when they’re no longer needed or added to future trucks you may purchase.

If you own a truck, it’s important that you protect it with truck bed protection that works as hard as you do. To learn more about our different drop-in bedliners and how they can protect your vehicle, browse our website to see which option is right for you!