Advantages of Wheel Well Liners

Wheel well in a pickup truck

Finish off your truck with polished, heavy-duty Wheel Well Liners.

Certain truck accessories not only polish the look of your truck, but they also enhance the performance and increase the longevity of your vehicle. One of these smart and stylish accessories are Penda’s Wheel Well Liners. While giving your truck a more finished look, our Wheel Well Liner products also prevent damage, dampen sound, and are easy to clean.

Wheel Well Liners enhance any truck’s appearance with a more polished look. Each wheel well liner we make is carefully formed to give it a precision fit during installation. Their sleek, low profile design gives any bare wheel well a more refined and modern look. The liners are custom molded to the contours of the wheel wells, so they look great while they protect.

Improved Performance

As one of North America’s largest thermoformed plastics manufacturers, Penda’s products are all designed to do more than just improve appearance. Wheel Well liners also prevent damage by being built for protection from both on and off-road debris like rocks, dirt, salt, tar, and in colder climates, snow and slush. The heavy-duty HDPE construction creates a sturdy barrier between your vehicle and damaging materials from the road. This can add years to your vehicle’s lifetime by preventing rusting, damaged material, and more.

Wheel Well Liners also create a barrier between you and the road which helps reduce noise from driving with the added sound dampening they provide. This means you won’t be able to feel the small stones and debris hitting the wheel wells instead of the bare metal of your truck. Constructed with rugged, recyclable, high-density polyethylene for excellent impact resistance makes these liners the perfect accessory for your off-road ready truck.

The added benefit to all of this? They are easy to clean. Penda’s Wheel Well Liners allow you to clean out mud, dirt, snow, salt, slush, and tar quickly and easily all while protecting the metal of your vehicle. Our liners are easy to keep clean and make sure that those erosive materials don’t come in contact with your truck’s frame.

Wheel Well Liner Installation

With easy, no drill installation our Wheel Well Liners only add value to your truck! So take the time to finish your vehicle off with Wheel Well Liners that add a polished look, heavy-duty durability, and easy-to-clean surfaces. To grab the best accessories for your truck, contact our sales team and learn more about Penda Wheel Well Liners to keep the debris out.

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