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Finishing and Assembly

Added Value and Reduced Costs

Looking for the added value that can shorten your supply chain and reduce your costs? With extensive experience with technical & complex assemblies, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud to partner with key supplier partners whose expertise in other manufacturing disciplines runs further. These value-added strategic partnerships make Penda your sole supplier for complete solutions.

Penda’s proven supplemental part integration and assembly processes gives you a comprehensive solution for efficiency and high quality.

Equipped with specialized fixtures and gauges that maximize precision, Penda assembles our manufactured components with purchased components for complete assemblies-and ships them complete to you.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-component integration
  • Vendor Management
  • Line Sequencing
  • Full assemblies for a turnkey solution
  • Subassemblies for simplified product integration
  • Fixtures to expedite alignment
  • Gauges to confirm exact locations of critical components
  • Domestic & global sourcing
  • Freight distribution cost reduction
  • CNC and Robotic Trimming Capabilities


Design and engineering expertise is fundamental to Penda’s ability to constantly advance the potential of system solutions for our customers.

When you work with Penda, you tap into a technical team with a combined average experience of over 25 years in product and thermoforming design, leveraging a variety of advanced tools to develop optimal concepts and rapid prototypes.


Penda employees finishing plastic products

Assuring efficiency and high output in our finish and assembly process guarantees savings and improved experience for our clients.