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Offering the Best Performing Bedliners and Truck Protection on the Market

Our DuraLiner and PendaLiner brands launched the bed-protection industry and they continue to provide unmatched value for consumers who understand the difference between true vehicle protection and a coat of expensive black paint.

While competitive bedliners can only offer abrasive, sandpaper-type skid resistance (or none at all) our bedliners provide a smooth, HDPE material blend that won’t damage your cargo. Our bedliner shock-absorbing technology is 7x better than any spray-on coating available on the market. To consider the best option for your vehicle, visit our DuraLiner bed protection page.

Penda Bedliner Advantages

dents & scratches

Unique rib design offers superior protection against dents & scrapes.


Up to twice the skid resistance of other drop in or spray on bedliners.


The surface allows you to easily rinse off the liner without the water getting trapped and always draining away from the bed.


Our bedliner shock absorbing technology is 7x better than any spray on bedliner available on the market.


There is a significant cost efficiency when comparing drop in and spray on liners. It’s the most affordable solution on the market.

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Premium Bedliners

hunter placing bags in the back of a pickup truck with a duraliner in it

Our drop-in bedliners offer the best bed and cargo protection on the market.  With the strength, durability, superior shock absorption and easy clean-up, you will not find a better solution for your truck.

Our unique technology assures that the bedliner keeps your cargo from sliding without damaging it due to the rough surface of the bedliner itself, which is a big draw back to most spray-on solutions. 

Our bedliners are custom built for your bed and truck model and are available for the majority of national and selected international truck brands.