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Truck Bedliners

Bedliners protect your truck from dents, scratches, and erosions inflicted by cargo or weather. Penda bedliners provide a superior skid-resistant, patented material blend that won’t damage your cargo and help keep it in place.

Our Fit My Truck feature will help you find the perfect bedliner for your vehicle. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact our experienced team of customer service professionals. 

Yes, our bedliners can be installed over the top of spray-on coatings. Penda bedliners provide a more protective barrier between your truck bed and erosive objects than any spray-on coating can. 

All of our bedliners have limited lifetime warranties (original owner, original truck).

Our bedliners are thermoformed sheets of plastic between 0.19 and 0.2 inches thick. All of our liners are made to fit your specific truck and the ribbed texture is designed to help prevent dents and scratches and allows water to drain from the bed.  

The Cargo Management System is a track that runs along the top of the bed, just under the rails. This is an innovative way to load and store heavy and/or bulky cargo. It utilizes channeling that allows you to move a set of cleats around in order to better secure your cargo.  

Use our Fit My Truck and Find A Retailer features to easily purchase your new bedliner. 

There are many differences between drop-in bedliners and spray-on coatings. Among those is the more economical price, easy installation process, higher level of protection, slip resistance, and the superior shock absorption of bedliners. For a more detailed review of the differences visit our blog

Penda’s bedliners can be altered during installation to work with almost every accessory you may already have on your truck. This may include Tonneau covers, storage boxes, and cargo racks.

Adding a bedliner to your vehicle can increase the resale value because of the long term protection it provides and the added benefit of re-selling with a bedliner already installed. 

Online Orders

Yes, you can order DuraLiners,  and Wheel Well Liners on our website. Use our “Fit My Truck” feature to make sure you get the right product for your vehicle.