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Water Management Solutions

Flexible HDPE Ditch Lining System For Water Flow Control

Damage caused by stormwater runoff and inadequately sized drainage ditches can be perpetual and costly. SmartDitch®’s excellent flow capacity (up to 3:1 slopes) protects your slopes, embankments and channels from eroding during heavy rain events and spring snow melts.

SmartDitch® is a leak-free channel lining system engineered to control and direct the flow of water or critical fluids. Made from proven UV-resistant HDPE, SmartDitch®’s unique corrugated design helps regulate the flow of water from flat to steep grades so that the drainage and flow patterns designed are maintained.

  • High resistance to acidic or alkaline soils and chemicals
  • Flexibility that makes installation fast and easy with minimal environmental disturbance
  • Proven ability to reduce seepage water loss by up to 90%
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 100% recyclability
  • Quality that meets ISO 14001 standards


From its ease of installation and durable design to its outstanding flow characteristics, SmartDitch should always be considered when planning any stormwater drainage system. When properly sized, the SmartDitch System is much more effective than rip rap, concrete and earthen drainage and runoff channels, and virtually eliminates erosion and lowers the risk of flooding.

Damage caused by stormwater runoff and inadequately sized drainage ditches can be perpetual and costly. SmartDitch excellent flow capacity (up to 3:1 slopes) will protect your slopes, embankments and channels from eroding during heavy rain events and spring snow melts.

Gone are the days when you have to constantly to replace the rip rap in your failed drainage channels. No more scouring. No more cratered slopes. No more undermining of roads. The SmartDitch System is a better solution. It prevents erosion, it handles exceptional flow rates, and it stabilizes your slopes. Even better, it lasts significantly longer than traditional drainage and erosion control systems.

In many parts of the western US, water is the life blood of the rural farmer. Earthen and concrete lined irrigation ditches simply do not do the job. Too much water is lost – either by ground irrigation seepage, cracks or through evaporation. With the SmartDitch System, leakage is practically eliminated and its ribbed design keep the water flowing faster. SmartDitch has been engineered to easily retrofit into existing concrete lined channels. With minimal preparation, you can replace earthen irrigation channels like the one shown below.

Municipalities and government agencies are requiring more construction companies to dewater sites before discharging the water back into the environment . In environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs), as a rule of thumb, water used on the site must be clarified to local standards before placing it back into the environment. These regulations have been put in place to help protect the nearby water bodies from toxins, pollutants and excess sediment. SmartDitch System is an excellent channel for a site dewatering system or water clarification channel. SmartDitch can easily be assembled above ground and placed onto saddles. Depending on local regulations, flock logs and jute matting is then put in place to filter the site water before releasing it. Since SmartDitch is reusable, construction companies simply disassemble the SmartDitch system when the job is done, then transport it to the next site.

Products & Solutions

Smartditch trapezoidal

Trapezoidal Ditch Liner

The SmartDitch Trapezoidal Ditch Liner System is a virtually leak-free channel lining system engineered to control and direct the flow of water or critical fluids.

  • Made from UV resistant HDPE
  • Corrugated design to regulate water flow
  • Lightweight sections for easy installation
  • Regulates flow from flat to steep grades

12″ Depth | 9.33′ Long Sections | 52 Pounds per Section

24″ Depth | 7.7′ Long Sections | 89 Pounds per Section

semi-circular smartditch

Semi-Circular Ditch Liner

The SmartDitch Semi-Circular Ditch Liner System is often used for both permanent and temporary flow diversions.

  • Corrugated design for consistent predictable water flow
  • UV resistant HPDE
  • Lightweight sections for easy installation

24″ Depth | 8′ Long Sections | weighs 64 lbs per Section

MegaDitch System

The SmartDitch MegaDitch is an expandable channel lining system specifically designed for the rehabilitation of very large, concrete-lined and earthen ditches and canals. MegaDitch is a dependable solution for new construction, stormwater drainage, erosion control, irrigation, industrial site containment systems and mining site water run off applications.

  • Adjustable sidewalls to conform to the variety of slopes and grades
  • Fit both flat-bottom and V-bottom channel profiles
  • Multiple bases and sidewall sections can be connected to any desired length or width


smartditch fitting


The SmartDitch System has a wide variety of specially-engineered fittings designed to broaden the range of use in water flow control applications such as drainage, erosion and sediment control, land development, irrigation, industrial site containment systems and temporary flow diversions. 

  • Flared-End Inlet/Outlet
  • Transitional Sections
  • Straight Bulkhead (available with or without openings for water dispersal)
  • Right/Left Bulkheads (available with or without openings for water dispersal)
  • Multi-Directional T’s
  • Directional Gates
maintenance pack


The SmartDitch Maintenance Pack is a proven, simple, and cost-effective solution to permanently repair or maintain problem drainage ditches or stormwater outfalls. Every Public Works & DOT maintenance yard should have SmartDitch on hand to be able to quickly repair blown-out ditch sections. When designing drainage projects with difficult access, remote locations, or uneven terrain and sloped conditions, SmartDitch’s lightweight rugged construction allows for quick installation in the most difficult situations.



SmartDitch is proven to improve the amount and speed of water flowing from reservoirs to points along irrigated ditches in rural farming areas. Traditional earthen and concrete lined irrigation ditches are not nearly as efficient as SmartDitch’s low leak, HDPE ribbed channel design. When you reline your old ditches with SmartDitch you can expect a minimum of 60% improvement in water retention along the way. That means more water for everyone at the end of the day.


Highway overpasses present a perpetual storm water runoff problem for DOTs across the nation. Steep slopes typically mean flow control and erosion issues are not far behind. Concrete lined ditches can actually increased velocity and riprap tends to scour over time, creating maintenance issues. This often results in flooded underpasses, collapsed slopes and undermining of the roadways.


Whether its fluids from transport vehicles, or sediment from your site, most industrial facilities have a storm water management plan to help prevent these materials from finding its way into the surrounding water ecosystem.

SmartDitch provides the ideal drainage solution to help capture and redirect oil, other chemicals, and sediment to the proper retention area or sediment pond.


Landfills present an interest problem for their operators. Storm water runoff from the cap’s slope can cause sever erosion and destabilize the slopes.

SmartDitch, with its ease of installation and excellent flow properties eliminated those problems. Additionally, SmartDitch is removable and reusable so you can adjust your drainage channels as your landfill expands.


SmartDitch and MegaDitch are the perfect solution to help address your mine run off issues. Equally effective for both active and abandoned mines, SmartDitch and MegaDitch’s non-corrosive HDPE construction will capture and redirect drainage from your acid, alkaline or metal mine.

Easy to transport and assembled, SmartDitch and MegaDitch can be installed in the most difficult areas of your mine.


As your communities continue to expand, so does your storm water management headache. SmartDitch excellent flow capacity can vastly improve storm water drainage in residential areas, and help minimize damage caused by flash flooding. SmartDitch is also easier to maintain than earthen and concrete ditches.