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World's Leader in Custom Thermoforming Solutions

What We Do

At Penda, our passion is to bring great products to life through an exceptional array of thermoformed solutions. It starts with who we are and is reinforced in everything we deliver.

Because the challenges you and your customers face are only getting tougher, we’re not about to let up in advancing your success. That’s why, every day, our people are applying their unique capabilities and experience – in materials research, product development and advanced thermoforming techniques-and testing the limits. Working with customers in an increasing array of demanding markets, we’re creating exciting new thermoformed products you may never have thought possible.


Our Capabilities

Design and Engineering

When you work with Penda, you tap into a technical team with a combined average experience of over 25 years in product and thermoforming design.


As the world leader in heavy-gauge thermoforming, Penda offers an unmatched array of thermoforming capabilities to meet an increasingly wide array of customer challenges.


Penda’s proven supplemental part integration and assembly processes gives you a comprehensive solution for efficiency and high quality.

Featured Industries

Duraliner Accessories

Custom Thermoforming

Water Management

Waste Management

Industries Served

Duraliner Accessories

Offering a sophisticated portfolio of cargo management and vehicle protection products. DuraLiner utilizes advanced engineering to maximize cargo space and fuel efficiency, while providing custom fit for your vehicle.

Waste Management

We are committed to delivering highly engineered, high-quality products that reduce the weight and cost of solutions. Our 100% recyclable HDPE is a sustainable product that performs as it minimizes environmental impact.

Automotive OEM

While competitive bedliners can only offer abrasive, sandpaper-type skid resistance, our bedliners provide a smooth, HDPE material blend that won’t damage your cargo. Our bedliner shock-absorbing technology is 7x better than any spray-on coating available on the market.

Water Management

Made from proven UV resistant HDPE, SmartDitch’s unique corrugated design helps regulate the flow of water from flat to steep grades so that the drainage and flow patterns designed are maintained.

Heavy Truck

Combination color-matched ABS, HDPE and TPO molded plastic components, welded steel and aluminum system including a twin-sheeted bunk, re-tractable table, folding seats, full structural support and shrouding to match the functional and stylistic goals of the customer.

Custom Thermoformed Solutions

Penda is the largest heavy gauge thermoformer in North America offering unique cost-saving solutions for the automotive industry and other non-automotive areas like farming and agriculture, heavy truck, industrial, and many more

Through collaborative engineering we are able to offer cutting-edge thermoforming and finishing solutions, right here in the USA.

High quality protective material selection manufacturing for durable solutions that provide maximum protection from dents, scratches, gouges, and chemical exposure.

Penda is committed to sound environmental practices in all our operations. DuraLiner bedliners are 100% recyclable.