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Custom OEM Solutions

Custom Thermoformed Parts Engineered for OEM’s

Penda is the largest heavy gauge thermoformer in North America offering unique cost-saving solutions for the automotive industry and other non-automotive areas like farming and agriculture, heavy truck, industrial, and many more

We are the leader in custom designed thermoformed products and experts in single sheet & twin sheet solutions. We have delivered the highest quality products to some of the most prominent brands in the automotive market in the USA and across the globe. We are committed to delivering highly engineered, high quality products that reduce the weight  and cost of solutions designed to replace heavy composite, fiberglass, wood and metal products.

Through new applications of materials, processes and technology, Penda continues to uphold our long tradition of going further for every customer. From design to process engineering to material science, we bring the advanced skills, experience and expertise necessary to overcome the most challenging requirements.

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Studio 540 Logo

Penda, with our largest engineering team in the industry, has been consistently at the forefront of innovation in thermoforming.  Our design and engineering team, with an average of over 20 years experience, offers strong history of designing thousands of custom automotive solutions. 

Their diverse experience comes not only from thermoformed plastics but also component design and mating accessories. 

We are focused on providing solutions tailored to address specific customer needs from protection to improved functionality and aesthetics. 


Material and Processing Technology Expertise

Producing better design for manufacturability that easily integrates into existing systems

Fully Equipped Tooling Facility

Enabling shorter lead times and lower cost for prototypes, design changes and production tools

State-of-the-Art Testing

On-site laboratory expedites performance evaluation and product validation

Integrated Extrusion, Thermoforming, and Assembly

A complete offer to cut lead times and help you consolidate your supply chain

Supplier Management

In-house design and development while managing supplier partners who are experts in their field. Penda puts it all together and delivers the complete package

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High Desert Customization

chevrolet silverado high desert concept

Penda, a pioneer in the truckbed accessories category, teamed up with leading OEM to develop a sophisticated cargoliner add on that revolutionized the truck bedliner market.

Working as an extension of our OEM customer’s engineering group, Penda created an aesthetically pleasing, fully sealed cargo management solution for their pickup truck bed.

Studio 540

Studio 540 is KFI’s internal design studio, capable of providing insight into projects that require ergonomic and aesthetic innovation.

A good product is conceived by addressing consumer needs and improving products through innovation. Once a business case is established, Studio 540 begins multi-departmental collaboration and offers multiple solutions in the form of expressive sketches techniques.

Aesthetics, mechanics, ergonomics, assembly and manufacturability are further explored with refined sketches. Sketches are styled to reflect automotive surfacing and visual strength. Ergonomics considerations are developed to solve user needs.
FROM 2D to 3D

Studio 540’s design team is capable of realizing 3D forms through solid/surface modeling techniques. High fidelity CAD models help the Engineering team incorporate design aesthetics into the final product.

Photorealistic images enhance CAD data with simulated light, advanced materials and camera perspective. Renderings of both existing and conceptual products are essential for effective marketing and are one of Studio 540’s specialties.

Improving the ergonomics of conceptual products can be addressed early on with model making. Using foamcore, 3D printing and metal fabrication, costly problems can be proactively identified and solved before tooling is made.

Full-scale CAD data from Studio 540 or the Engineering team can be dropped into vehicles and environments for an immersive exploratory experience. Ergonomic considerations can be easily explored through Virtual Reality capabilities.
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