About Us

Penda is singularly focused on exceeding our customer’s expectations every step of the way. Customers come for single and twin-sheet thermoformed solutions. They come for our proven record of innovation and success in customized, highly engineered solutions, and they come for our extensive experience in advanced technologies, which allows our team to manufacture exactly what they need while managing critical timing and delivery schedules. While these are many of the reasons customers come to us, they stay with us for our unparalleled responsiveness.

Why Penda?

Invested in relationships. When you work with us, you’ll discover what all Penda customers experience: Relationships mean more here. Since 1975, we’ve built our business by collaborating with and leading customers to successful outcomes—the surest way of building a long-term, trusted relationship.
Advancing industry knowledge. The Penda tradition of industry-leading innovation continues, building on more than 130 years of collective knowledge in single and twin sheet thermoforming solutions. We are at or ahead of industry certifications including IATF 16949. Continuous improvement is more than a phrase—it’s a culture. Everything we know goes into everything we make.
Anchored by commitment. Pendas’ singular focus is on providing world-class solutions to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We continue to invest in a long history of innovation and are equally committed to being privately owned and financially secure.

Driven by service. Customers count on us for our broad range of services, capabilities and unique collaboration and responsiveness. It’s no surprise that the industries we serve are exceptionally demanding. While this has driven many competitors out, we not only survive — we thrive.
Achieving customer success. Quality, engineering, pricing and manufacturing are expected. What differentiates us in helping our clients succeed is our exceptional responsiveness. You’ll see it shining through in our expertise and unequalled collaboration. You will also see it in the way each project team member focuses on problem-solving and keeping projects moving forward toward a timely and successful outcome.