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Let Penda help you extend the life of your work vehicle with our DuraLiner products!

penda products installed in a truck

Our premium drop in bedliners are designed for your toughest jobs. Penda’s Duraliner product line is made to prevent dents or scratches in your truck bed. These bedliners are made with heavy duty HDPE material designed for shock absorption. Penda’s thoughtful design team always keeps the customer top-of-mind, which means our top priority is protecting your vehicle from wear and tear. Duraliner products are engineered for durability and are custom fit for each truck model to avoid any drill installation. This allows you to maintain the integrity of your vehicle from the moment it leaves the lot.

Cascadia render

Penda’s team of experienced engineers and design professionals have created premium driver’s lounges in a variety of fleet trucks. These lounges include work and comfort spaces to encourage drivers to stay rested and safe. Many of the designs include color-matched ABS, HDPE and TPO molded plastic components, and a welded steel and aluminum system.  Not only is this a comfortable space for drivers, it is also built to withstand everyday use and cleaning which will help your fleet last for years to come.

The ultimate wheel bed protection is Penda’s DuraLiner Wheel Well Liner product line. They offer heavy duty protection for your vehicle that helps prevent damage from on-and-off-road debris, including rocks, dirt, salt and tar as well as weather elements like snow and slush. While enhancing the truck’s appearance, they also protect your truck’s body from rust, erosion, dents and scratches. Not only do these liners do great protective work, they also create a more comfortable ride for you. Wheel Well Liners dampen road noise to make your workday drive more quieter and more comfortable.

Penda’s DuraLiner Van Protection products feature top-of-the-line comfort and protection for your vehicle. Like our bedliners, DuraLiner Van Protection products are made with HDPE materials to hold up to all that your job requires. This commercial grade protection, including our DuraGrip™ floor liner, makes getting maximum protection from dents, scratches, gouges and chemical spills easy on you and creates a worry-free environment for productive work. All these features along with our 3-year warranty combine to create the perfect durable protection system for your van.

Penda’s automotive solutions help to extend the life of any work vehicle and make comfortable spaces for work. Looking for something you didn’t see here? Feel free to reach out to our sales professionals for more work vehicle solutions!