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Explore some of Penda's custom projects and unique design capabilities.

Along with Penda’s always reliable bedliners, wheel well liners, and VanGuard products, our team also specializes in unique designs and custom projects that include thermoforming, injection molding, and complex assemblies. The engineering and design teams here at Penda have over 40 years of experience working with customers to create custom designs and products that work for each organization. This includes experts in CAD tools to support the simplest of jobs to the most complex automotive applications. 

Studio 540 is Penda’s in-house design team. This innovative group is skilled in industrial design, conceptualization, CAD modeling, and rendering. Along with that, they are an incredibly creative and communicative team that loves working with our customers on unique projects to ensure state-of-the-art styling during design and manufacturing. 

Another example of a custom Penda project is the Dodge Ram Box. The challenge here was to design, build and validate inner fender storage box system for Dodge trucks. Working in a restricted timeline of 18 months from conception to production, our team dove in and delivered the Dodge Ram Box in that time. Penda provided improved tool timing and low cost in order to assure on-time delivery and quickly engineered and developed a heavy-impact structural solution required for bin and lid.

Ram box installed in a truck

The High Desert customization project was another in-dept, unique solution that our design and engineering team worked closely with Chevrolet to complete. The main charge from Chevrolet was to design a fully functioning cargo management system to mirror the Chevy Avalanche. Working hand-in-hand with Chevrolet’s team of design specialists, Penda created an aesthetically pleasing, fully sealed cargo management solution for their pickup truck bed. The program’s finished components included six key finished components, with a total of 154 mating components. What Penda ultimately delivered was a complete program on time and on budget. Leveraging our world class design and engineering, process management expertise, vertical integrations and assembly capabilities to create the optimal custom solution for this project.

Penda products installed in a truck
Motor Grader Design

An example of a custom digital project is the motor grader rendering below. This rendering began as a sketch by one of our Studio 540 designers and was rendered to exemplify the large plastic components that Penda could thermoform for similar equipment. From exterior body panels to interior trim, Penda has the ability to work from ideation through to a complete product. 

a concept vehicle

Penda’s designers love to create solutions as unique as each customer we have the pleasure of working with. Interested in learning more about working with Penda? Contact us today!