5 Benefits of Van Protection Systems


Explore the benefits of Penda’s VanGuard products for both your cargo and your drivers.

When consumers hear the words, “interior vehicle protection”, they may think of products like floor mats, seat covers, or sunshades. But what about van protection systems? With VanGuard’s suite of interior van protection solutions, your vans will be protected against the common wear and tear that exists in today’s transit workforce.

VanGuard is a system of wall liners, floor liners, ceiling liners, wheelhouse covers, and door panels that provide commercial grade protection against dents, scratches, gouges, and spills.  All of these components provide protection through the strong, high density, polyethylene material used in their construction. This material not only adds durability and strength, but also provides your cargo and drivers with many more benefits during transit.

Ease of Installation

Before you can take advantage of the many benefits VanGuard provides, you’ll need to consider installation. The good news is, installation has never been easier to do than it is with VanGuard. Modifications aren’t needed to adjust for each van type as these solutions were built for ease of installation. Additionally, all the components in the VanGuard van protection system are removable too. This allows you to run wiring or perform future customization as needed. By being removable, you can also reuse them as you upgrade your fleet and reinstalling them will be just as simple as the first time!

Quiet Drives

One of the biggest benefits that your transit workforce will notice is how quiet their trips are with VanGuard Wall Liners. Through state-of-the-art measuring and CAD systems, these panels are precision molded to fit all types of van and transit wall panels. They work to reduce road noise throughout the entire drive by providing a sound dampening effect for  your vehicle. Plus, the tight fit of these panels allows them to avoid rattling or squeaking after installation, no matter how bumpy the road gets.

Added Comfort

Reduced road noise isn’t the only way that VanGuard adds comfort to the drive. The van protection solution also provides climate control and acts as an insulator. This means, your fleet will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The light gray coloring of the components further adds to the temperature control and creates a comfortable aesthetic for the driver.

Clean & Safe Experience

VanGuard floor liners are designed with anti-slip attributes to increase driver safety. Whether you’re loading up for a big job, or unloading at the end of the day, VanGuard won’t let you slip and slide while moving around. For cleaning the interior of your vehicle, VanGuard has you covered there too. The removable floor panels allow for effortless power washing and reassembly once they dry.

Protected Resale Value

The final benefit that the VanGuard system provides is an increased resale value on the vans they’re used in. This is made possible because of the commercial grade protection they offer against dents, scratches, gouges, scrapes, and spills. By offering maximum protection from these damages, the resale value of your van remains intact for years. And if you’ve contracted out your work vans, you can avoid end-of-contract charges for excessive damage and wear.

VanGuard van protection systems are the ultimate interior vehicle protection solution. The protection they give is just one of many benefits they provide. Along with simple installation, silent drives, increased comfort, a sanitary and safe experience, and increased resale value your drivers will be happy to spend as much time as you need in their transit vehicle. To see which VanGuard models work for your fleet, use the fit my van feature on our website or find a retailer near you to help you get started!


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