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Site Management

Smarter Way to Manage Water and Contaminants

SmartDitch® is a leak-free channel lining system engineered to control and direct the flow of water or critical fluids. Made from proven UV resistant HDPE, SmartDitch’s unique corrugated design helps regulate the flow of water from flat to steep grades so that the drainage and flow patterns designed are maintained.

Smart Ditch Uses


From its ease of installation and durable design to its outstanding flow characteristics, SmartDitch should always be considered when planning any stormwater drainage system. 


SmartDitch excellent flow capacity (up to 3:1 slopes) will protect your slopes, embankments and channels from eroding during heavy rain events and spring snow melts.


Gone are the days when you have to constantly to replace the rip rap in your failed drainage channels. No more scouring. No more cratered slopes. No more undermining of roads.


With the SmartDitch System, leakage is practically eliminated and its ribbed design keep the water flowing faster. 


In environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs), as a rule of thumb, water used on the site must be clarified to local standards before placing it back into the environment.