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Customization Capabilities

Delivering Custom Solutions

Rapid design and prototyping are some of the elements that allow us here at Penda deliver custom solutions for our clients effectively and efficiently.  While we focus on providing a clear competitive advantage to our clients, we still assure the highest quality of the final product. 

To learn how you can apply these advanced technologies to produce a better-quality, lower-cost total system solution for you, reach out to our team of experts. 

Material and Processing Technology Expertise

Producing better design for manufacturability that easily integrates into existing systems

Fully Equipped Tooling Facility

Enabling shorter lead times and lower cost for prototypes, design changes and production tools

State-of-the-Art Testing

On-site laboratory expedites performance evaluation and product validation

Integrated Extrusion, Thermoforming, and Assembly

A complete offer to cut lead times and help you consolidate your supply chain

Supplier Management

In-house design and development while managing supplier partners who are experts in their field. Penda puts it all together and delivers the complete package

Innovation and Advantages

  • Class A Surfaces – Smarter techniques that meet color, gloss, and texture matching requirements
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – One of many sophisticated design techniques we deploy to optimize product performance
  • Extrusion of Multiple Materials
  • Lamination
  • Co-extrusion
  • Assembly
  • In-house Testing Capabilities
Studio 540 Logo

Design and R&D

Studio 540

Our most innovative products stem from the work done at Studio 540.  Our team of industrial designers develops the most cutting-edge automotive solutions for custom OEM applications.  Working with many leading automotive brands, we have experience in many aspects of automotive design and implementation.