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There’s more to be gained from energy efficiency than money, according to the leaders of Penda Corporation.

The Portage manufacturer has saved almost a half-million dollars thanks to 30 completed energy projects since 2012, and last week the company received recognition for its recent success from Focus on Energy, the statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program.

“But what Portage should really know is the projects allow us to invest in the best people. We’re looking to build for the future,” said Todd Spencer, Penda Corporation’s vice president of human resources.

Penda, which manufactures plastic automotive parts, including its main product of pickup bed liners, completed 14 energy efficiency projects in 2018. It has either completed or is working on another 18 projects in 2019.

The company was among 18 Wisconsin businesses to receive an Energy Efficiency Excellence Award from Focus on Energy, which is funded by 107 Wisconsin utilities and provides rebates to companies that invest in energy efficiency. Penda collaborates with Alliant Energy (its utility) and Focus on Energy on the projects, many of which have converted compressed air to electricity.