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SAUKVILLE (WKOW) — Rebel out of Ozaukee County is a company primarily dedicated to making sanitary wet wipes, but they are shifting their focus to making masks.

“We started talking about it and started making them for our own employees, and we heard there was a shortage of masks, so we said we don’t have time to make masks for everybody, but we do have time to donate all the materials to make a mask,” Mike Kryshak, owner of Rebel Converting in Saukville said.

They are now asking businesses statewide who have the time to help with the assembly of the masks.

“Companies that have a nice, clean, controlled environment that can have enough room so they can socially distance people to make the masks out of our kits,” Kryshak explained.

Rebel has a goal of making one million masks.

“The medical college is leaving with a hundred thousand today, so we’re going to burn through these pretty quick,” Kryshak said. “We’re probably going to have to wind up doing it again.”

Another company found a creative way to help. Kruger Family Industries in Portage is pulling their resources together to make emergency and disaster relief beds.