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Custom Thermoforming FOR

INDUSTRIAL Custom Products

Creating custom casings for industrial products that deliver function and innovation from concept to delivery.

Penda Custom Capabilities

At Penda we understand that world-class quality, cost and delivery are the prerequisites of working with our industrial manufacturing partners.

When you work with Penda you tap into:

  • Technical team with decades of experience in product & thermoforming design
  • A variety of advanced tools to develop optimal concepts & rapid prototypes
  • Experience with innovative materials & processes

We will work with you to overcome your most challenging requirements and maximize your product’s performance.

OEM cooling unit render

About Penda

The Largest Heavy Gauge Thermoformer in North America.

We are the leader in custom designed thermoformed products and experts in single sheet & twin sheet solutions.

Penda features a network of facilities throughout the United States and Mexico to service our customers worldwide across a diverse array of products and markets.

We are committed to delivering highly engineered, high quality products that reduce the weight and cost of solutions designed to replace heavy composite, fiberglass, wood and metal products.

Studio 540 logo

Studio 540 is KFI’s internal design studio, capable of providing insight into projects that require functionality refinement, ergonomic and aesthetic innovation.  Our Studio 540 creative team is passionate about planting ideas into projects that grow into the innovations taken into future production.

mockup sketch
Industrial Design
3D Rendering
Part renders
3D Modeling
Material Selection
Virtual Reality
heat map of car hood
Product Validation
Xenon Arc Weather Testing


Collaborating to Turn Our Ideas into Reality

Bringing an idea to fruition is an exciting but hectic time. To ensure your parts launch smoothly we have a dedicated new product team work in concert with manufacturing and quality to ensure no detail is overlooked.

We do this through Advanced Quality Planning APQP which breaks down into the following steps:

Ensuring our Processes Drive Results

Here are the cornerstones of our business that ensure world-class quality and delivery:

Manufacturing Equipment




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